August 23, 2023

Seminar about “The Developments in the situation of Nile Water and the Ethiopian Dam

On the 23rd of August 2023, the council invited Ambassador Dr. Mohammed Hegazi, member of the board of directors and the coordinator of the permanent committee […]
August 19, 2023

ECFA participation in “Egypt and Russia … Eighty years of Strategic Partnership” conference

On the 19th of August 2023, Ambassadors Mohamed Al Oraby and Dr. Ezzat saad, the chairman of the board and the director respectively, participated in “Egypt […]
July 30, 2023

Visit to ECFA by the Ambassador of Singapore in Cairo

On July 30, 2023, Mr. Dominic Goh, the Ambassador of Singapore in Cairo, visited ECFA, along with the First Secretary, Mr. Jeremy Low, where he was […]
July 25, 2023

Ambassador Ezzat Saad’s participation in the second “Africa – Russia” Summit

In the period from 25 to 29 July 2023, Ambassador Ezzat Saad, ECFA Director, visited the Russian Federation, upon a personal invitation to participate in the […]
July 19, 2023

Seminar on “Developments of the situation related to the Nile waters issue and the Renaissance Dam”

On July 19, 2023, ECFA organized a seminar, convened by Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Hegazy, member of ECFA Board of Directors and coordinator of the Council’s Permanent […]
July 18, 2023

Seminar on “Developments of the Economic and Financial Conditions in Libya”

On July 18, 2023, at the invitation of Ambassador Dr. Mohamed Badr al-Din Zayed, coordinator of ECFA’s Permanent Committee on Arab Affairs, ECFA held a seminar […]
July 12, 2023

Ambassador Ezzat Saad participates in a symposium on “The June 2013 Revolution and Egyptian foreign policy… challenges and achievements” at the Supreme Council of Culture

On July 12, 2023, Ambassador Ezzat Saad participated in a symposium on “The June 2013 Revolution and Egyptian Foreign Policy… Challenges and Achievements” within the framework […]
July 8, 2023

Visit by Ambassador Dr. Ezzat Saad to the Republic of Uzbekistan

At the invitation of the Uzbek government, Ambassador Dr. Ezzat Saad visited the Republic of Uzbekistan on the period from 8 to 11 July 2023, to […]
July 5, 2023

Meeting of ECFA’s Economic Committee

On July 5, 2023, at the initiative of businessman Mohamed Kassem, coordinator of ECFA’s Economic Committee, and Chairman of the Egyptian Exporters Association, the Committee held […]
July 5, 2023

Dr. Ezzat Saad participates in a forum on “Combating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Development Goals” with a paper entitled “Development Challenges in a Changing Global Environment”

On July 5, 2023, Ambassador Dr. Ezzat Saad presented a paper entitled “Development Challenges in a Changing Global Environment,” at the forum organized by Chinese Academy […]
July 2, 2023

Visit by ECFA delegation to Belgrade

On  July 2-5, 2023, a delegation from ECFA, represented by Ambassador Mohamed El-Oraby, ECFA Chairman, and Ambassadors Dr. Abdel-Rahman Salah and Dr. Mohamed Edris, members of […]
June 24, 2023

Egypt and India show case model of regional autonomy amid global polarization

Ambassador Dr Mohamed Higazy, former Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs.[1] In a remarkable display of regional autonomy against a backdrop of international polarization, Egypt and India […]